On-Site Chair Massage

On-Site Massage (Seated Acupressure Massage) is a 20 minute massage based on the Japanese form of Shiatsu.

It uses a unique series of acupressure points and stretches covering the back, neck, shoulders, arms and hands, specifically designed to reduce muscle tension and stress. This leaves the client feeling physically relaxed, invigorated and energized and ready to return to work with renewed concentration.

Corporate chair massage has been proven to significantly relieve stress as well as helping to prevent work-related disorders such as Repetitive Strain Injury, reducing absenteeism and healthcare costs, while also improving employee morale, increasing productivity and efficiency and creating a more positive work environment.

StressLess Massage for the Workplace-office massage Dublin

For over a decade, on-site massage has been implemented as a cost effective method of relieving stress in the workplace. By improving the health of your employees, you can enhance your productivity and profits.


Companies who have already implemented Seated Acupressure Massage as part of their stress management and Workplace Wellness programmes include: Royal College of Surgeons, Zynga, AIB, QMP Publicis, IDA, Health and Safety Authority, Danone Ireland, IBM, Murray o Laoire Architects, Business Objects, European Consumer Centre and the National Council for the Blind

StressLess Massage -Corporate onsite massage