“Everything goes so smoothly when Nessa & her team come in to Dropbox. When Stressless come onsite, everyone is immediately excited at the prospect of having a massage! The team are so professional, friendly & the feedback is always amazing. Employee’s email us asking when they will be back onsite! We will definitely be using…

Paul McGrath DropboxClient

“Collinson Group signed up for ‘StressLess Massage for the Workplace’ almost two years ago. Best decision ever taken – staff just love it – would highly recommend it to all employers. Definitely a real benefit”

Susan Kerwick, CollinsonClient

”Nessa has an ability to put you at ease immediately. Her massage technique is excellent with the correct pressure get rid of any knots. After a session my back feels relaxed and I’m suddenly aware of how tense it must have been before the massage.” 

Carol Foley CadenceClient