Quotes from happy customers:


“I find the massage in the office and indispensable part of my working week. That 20 minutes away from the daily stresses relaxes me and clears my head. It’s the one meeting I never miss!”
Ronan Nulty, QMP Publicis


“We arrange for Nessa to visit our architect’s office every fortnight. In an afternoon she gives wonderful and effective treatment to everybody in the practice, (concentrating on backs and necks, relieving those pressure points of stress). Its so good, we count the days until she comes back again”
Sean Harrington Architects


Nessa’s monthly onsite visits to Zynga formed a valuable and very much cherished part of my Employee Engagement Initiatives. Giving the team the opportunity to take 15 mins out and focus on themselves was really appreciated by all who participated. I would highly recommend Nessa for both her skill and professionalism which I experienced throughout my years working with her.

C.Hamilton, Zynga


“Nessa provides an excellent ‘inhouse’ sevice and a much needed oasis of calm and relaxation in what is an ever inceasing turbulent and stressful occupation. Nessa provides a 20 minute massage which signifcantly relaxes muscle tension in the back, neck and head and leaves you gliding with calmness. It is one of the highlights of my month.’I don’t like Mondays but I love Stressless Tuesdays’.
Ralph Bingham, Director, MurrayóLaoire Architects


“Nessa provides on-site massage in my workplace and it is something I look forward to every week. She is very receptive to how you are feeling and to what your current stress levels are and she adjusts here massage techniques accordingly. I leave each session feeling much more relaxed and with less pain/pressure. I would highly recommend her to anyone.”
Susan Baskett, Publicis QMP


“We work in a very young and very fun atmosphere where we are given a unique opportunity to develop in a great organisation. At the same time it is a very challenging and competitive business environment where at the end of each quarter we work longer hours and all suffer of a certain level of stress. Having Nessa from StressLess visiting us at the end of every quarter is the best of news. It is always the highlight of our day as she treats both our recurrent and punctual pains thanks to her massaging skills. Business Objects initially contracted Nessa to deal with a small employee population 3 years ago, she now serves the whole employee base – close to 200 people. This clearly demonstrates how good she is !!!
Olivier Sabella Vice President – Maintenance Business EMEA


I find Nessa/Massage great for ironing out the stresses and strains of work and some old war wounds. It’s an essential part of my working routine.
Dave Cowzer, QMP Publicis


Nessa has been doing in-company massages for us for the last two years (as part of our Health and Well-being Programme for employees) , and such is the popularity of her massages that we have increased the frequency this year to have massages every 2 weeks. The schedule gets booked out within minutes of it being put up on the board – our team genuinely believes that their massage is 20 minutes of relaxation that allows them time out to stop and think in what is nearly always a frantic and fast paced working environment. Nessa is supremely professional, and has built a great rapport with our employees over the last 2 years. Personally, I love is that each massage is different and deals with whatever tension I am feeling that particular week. I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Nessa to any company interested in improving their employee’s health and well-being.
Orna Forde, HR Director, Danone Ireland Limited


“Nessa has been providing massage sessions in our office for almost 2 years now and her treatments are extremely popular with our employees. As we work in a stressful environment her massages are very welcome, really appreciated and people tend to feel a lot better coming out of a massage session. She is very professional, punctual and very pleasant to deal with and we hope to avail of her services for a long time. We can highly recommend Nessa to any company looking for ways to improve the wellness of their employees.”

Jeroen Pijpelink , IBM Ballycoolin